Sunday, March 31, 2013

Soon let go of Hold button....

Sunshine every day and for long. Wherever I have been. For weeks,
that new light of longer days. But that is not enough. 
I have been pushing that button for quite some time. 
Less than two months, but any way, it feels.
I miss the friends and the island.
Soon pack up...

Waiting for warmth.
Long enough.

No one here yet.
I miss even you, pigeon. At least for now.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

One day in wolf and Winter land...

Spring has come to the island of islands.
 Here, in the province of Varmland, it is still a deep Winter's day.
Nature on the hold button, but soon exploding in green.
It's dramatic and quiet beauty speaks another language.
I am listening only, not to disturb.
Visiting friends, far away from the island,
but so close at heart...

The ice covered lake.

Silhouettes and a faint sun.

Soon no chance to see the lake through trunks of trees.

The neighbor's house.

Friends on a 15 kilometers trip on the frozen lake. 

Fantastic balance for first time rider, in safe hands with teacher Anna-Carin.

Such tranquility on a walk this day.

Waiting for Spring.

Friends serve dinner Summer time here, with splashing water under their feet.

Also time for a pro hockey game today.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

We all know what missing means...

Looking out the window here up north. Rather chilly but lots of sun.
Emphasizing the Summer coming soon,
with all the rather simple and light experiences of the sun to the skin,
of coffees and dried towels and hiding in the shade,
into the future looking eyes, friendship from smaller friends,
and never to forget eternal nights in the light of the stars,
with small talk and intimacies close by,
in all this that also includes a lot of work for many...

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Imprints for ever......

I realize that coming from a sea town, 
spending childhood by the Baltic in the East,
visiting friends by the Atlantic in the West,
spending a life time on an island by the Aegean sea,
make deep imprints that are here to stay... 
A peaceful lake at pre Spring, in Stockholm.

Petra sunset by the Aegean.

Land and sea on Lesvos.

Swedish Summer blooming by the sea.

Siesta by the sea at friend's place on the West coast.

Bed room by the Atlantic.

Spring time by the water front in Sigri.

Decisive waters.

Early sun set by the Aegean.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Flashes of dreams...

Sometimes it is necessary to focus on what is, at a given moment.
Even if I would have chosen to be somewhere else.
I cannot just be where I want to be. 
There are many beautiful places on Earth, 
and I remember many of those that I hold so close to me.
But at night, when it is quiet around me,
the island I sometimes call mine,
keeps coming back to me in all shapes and sizes,
about the sea, the light, the roaring sounds of wind,
the mirrorlike waters, the stillness and simple profanity...