Monday, July 29, 2013

Days to come...

 ...but no guarantees for anything, of course...but if that will be case, what will they bring?
not yet visited paths or meetings set up, glowing nights, the rather frightening sounds of pain and violence from the world around, the past in the now, comfort and a simple meal, the very close up world of the village?
Whatever, Eléni, Aléxandros, Filippa, Axiléas and other children will be there, with ever existing and growing energies...

Friday, July 26, 2013

Far away from the maddening crowd...

...and no sceneries of deep blue seas here,
silver shining olive trees or deep red sun sets.
Rather dirty and primitive work environment for Giorgos,
but for a very clever pro nothing is impossible,
 to fix for me to drive around the isle on new discoveries.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday, peaceful Sunday...

Preparing myself for a week of new experiences.
Using a peaceful Sunday´s many facets of the island.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

I really enjoy...

...that people do not mind when I come up to them with a big camera, asking if I can take a photo.
Discretion is of course a word of honor and a friendly chat.
Many interesting faces around in Agiássos, where many were resting 
in the shade of the afternoon heat...

Thursday, July 11, 2013

It is good to meet own prejudices...

There are always new places around the corner. Wherever I am.
It is often a matter of pure curiosity. 
I need to stop and see and watch and reflect,
because experiences do not come for free.
I like to go to the south of the island. It is like coming to another planet.
Vast woods, high mountains, spectacular gorges and another air to breathe. 
Rather high up there is the village of Agiássos. Have always thought of it as a bit commercial,
with simply too much of the same ceramics.
When Pathfinder Rolf and I were there recently, I completely changed my mind.
Perhaps because of the Lady Stratoúla, whom we met while she was sitting in her shop, 
painting plates and vases and oil lamps, coming all from her own making.
An intimate village, a bit on the sleepy side, but kind, lively and inviting.
I will soon be back and even stay overnight. Be there and take in.
Frappé miracle time.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

No one can buy a place in heaven...

The word "change" as a word itself, has nothing automatically positive written into it. On the contrary. Many times change stands for "destructive". Like when an individual does things to satisfy own needs without respecting anything else. I know, and many with me know, that power makers of any kind,  politicians for example, do it and often in the name of democracy. Of course, it is also a question of money. Money is power. When an individual can use it for the purpose of self manifestation, without asking anyone for the permission to do so.
"Reverential", a potent English word, that could be something like σεβασμόσ in Greek, is one of many words I can use that suits the experience I have had for years, and numerous friends with me from many places in the world, when visiting Agia Lemoní, just outside the village of Mólivos. Made by human hands for human souls to visit, for whatever reason you have to visit a chapel. Loving hands have painted ceiling and walls,hung  icons of their saviors, always newly raked sand for candles, roses in vases, oil and spare candles for visitors. The small and snow white chapel sneaking close to the side of the cliff, walls and seats and staircase all of stone made by those who once raised the chapel. It's simplicity made it a house of human art and creativity at it's best. 
It would stand there long after all my visits.
Here is where "change" becomes "destruction".  Somebody with money thought otherwise. I have not heard anyone protesting or at least ask questions. Nor has anyone asked people around what they think about it. The chapel does not need repairs! "Τι να κανουμε". 
I do not care what it will look like. I am sure it will be nice in itself, but it will have nothing to do with Agia Lemoní. 
For me, it is a plain and harsh abuse of respect and faith and only a sign of egocentricity. 
A real shame it is.


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Garídes and a clean beach...

In spite of it´s size and fame, Skála Kalloní 
is a quaint and peaceful place.
We visit it during a quiet part of the day,
when even the boats take a nap
and it is a bit too hot even for sun bathers.
I do not go here for historical sites,
but for relaxation and a very friendly and beautiful environment. 

Lovely taverna Medusa, run by Doreen and family.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Could only be by a woman's hand...

"When you come in here and see the garden,
there is no doubt you can feel the touch by a woman's hand".
Many of my friends on the island, or from other countries,
have never been here. 
They must have been very busy with other things, to avoid a visit.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The sounds of the seven sisters...

I could feel the presence of the sisters of Myrsiniótissa convent. 
I do not even know how many they are exactly. I never saw them, but one.
She passed by above me, on an attic walk and on whispering feet.
But there were seven chairs for them, standing beside each other.
So I have decided they are seven, be so or not.
My pathfinding friend R. and I tried to walk with our feet above the ground, not to disturb.
I felt I walked around in there, holding hands with the hush.