Friday, September 30, 2011

Thank you, each and everyone...

Incredible! Today, Here and Now, edó και τώρα, 4014 page viewers from 10 different countries have been into the blog, in a bit more than two months! Thanks for the support and your curiosity! 
My imprints show photos and texts solely out of my own deep affection for Greece in general 
and experiences of Lesvos in particular!  
I put on my krános and the voyage will continue in a while...   

Thursday, September 29, 2011

They say Greece needs a "haircut"...

This family stands for another kind of haircut! Always a pleasure to see you, friends! Well known by all in the village! Work always well done. Easy with me, since I ask for "short, please"! 
Ioanna took the picture of young Mr Haircutter, who tried to hide behind his cotton candy! 
We framed it and it was Ioannas gift to him! 
The kindness I am met with, is free of charge...

. Young Mr Haircutter. Photo by Ioanna, daughter and professional photographer. I bought the frame...

...and had it wrapped in the gift shop

Sweet couple...

...sweet people

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A different kind of workplace. Not for the pedantic...

Sometimes, it can look as if a desert storm had passed through the house. 
In 15 minutes, it can look clean and nice. I promise. 
I like it to be as if somebody really lives in the house. Doing lots of things.
I very much do....  

Absolute necessity in life

Poetry, dictionary, novels, note books, but who the hell put an Angela Carter book there?

From bottom floor terrace. An Energizer!

I like candles even in day light work

Not very Greek interior decoration, but after all, I am only Greek at heart!
Work site and also place for a siesta

Pilates and a busy chair!

All I need

Views from upper floor terrace. Photo of morning limelight
From "A room with a view"

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Take it to you, the unexpected....

 Stop! And please consider something! Only on Lesvos! Driving the main road after Petra and the gas station there on the right hand side and if you know it, look up to the left. Right into that lovely olive
growth with buildt out stone terraces, I had been told there was something special. The local who told me was not so impressed, but I was. Imprints take special roads sometimes. I saw something vaguley light blue, deep into the growth and the front of a coach peeked through on me. How can anyone and with which purpose, put a coach in the middle of an olive growth? How did they get it up there and why save it? It cannot just be for the love of a coach! Or is it? That is why I am looking for coaches everywhere. For the mystery itself. A story that is not making big head lines. Not even in the most local of papers. But at least in my mind. I just love it. The first was out on a big field in the nowhere and here, hidden among the trees.  Just look at that number 26 coach. Just a stop, letting off and taking on passengers. I love the unexpected! It keeps the child within me alive....

Monday, September 26, 2011

Cannot come much closer....

"You are my really really dear and close friend, Kostas Katsarós! You were the very first man I really made a close friend with. Many years ago. And I mean many! We still are close. Busy with family, busy with work, have meant that we have not done so many things together, but have had many talks into the early hours of the morning, always finding a way to meet. 
"Kindness and care for others. A trade mark for you, Kostas". This morning was great, at Sunset and you daily swim adventure with the kids and friend and Marianthi at work from 09.00. I asked also you about the work life of yours. May-October, no free days.  Up at 08.00 taking the kids for swimming after breakfast. Back at 13.00. Work at Tasalikis stin platía. In Petra to 17.00 and then to new Tsalikis up to 01.00 in the morning and much later when weddings parties or baptising ot birthdays... 
"And then I can hardly sleep because of all energies keeping me up"...
Helping  parents with olive harvesting in the Winter. Any new plans, my friend? "Yes, renting fields in Skalochóri, Petra and Eftalou with a friend of mine". 
"Never thinking of leaving the island for bigger cities?" "Why, no never. Here I have safety for me and the families, all my friends, the work, the upbringing of the kids. Nothing really missing here what you find in bigger cities and we have the incredible beauty of Lesvos. That is why you are here so much too, Torsten, right?" I did not need to answer, really. Just nodded....  
Another part coming up another day, a trip into the past with the family of yours!
What a September morning sea!
Kids after swim

What else but kindness. I made a joke with you there!


You are fabulous with children

"Feels good with Dad's arm there, right Fotis?"

Contemplating young girls, growing fast...

I remember we talked about something that was of great concern to both of us....

Sunday, September 25, 2011


To be nostalgic is inevitable sometimes. This Sunday morning with the first coffee, I start thinking about collected memories and remember years of learning Greek dances with the Agopián brothers from Mytilini. Five days a week from the years when Ioanna was about 5-6 years old. Greek night in the village of Vafiós, a taverna lunch many years ago, Kostas and Marianthis wedding photo, the first mini houses in ceramics I bought and Stratís Angelelis, his beloved dog Tweety and the house I stayed in one autumn, when writing one of my books. Just a very minor touch of memories from this beloved island of Lesvos. The importance of imprints increases....

Saturday, September 24, 2011


I went up with Yannis and Jesus himself one day, for a visit to the area where silence and nature melt into something not so simple to explain. I have been to so many different kinds of places on this magical island, and never stop getting astonished over all its varities. Pure wild nature land belonging to Yannis family. Here you can stay for yoga, meeting yourself, or just sitting beside or under this very, very old olive tree and just read and contemplate or do it all. Breathtaking and has to be experienced....   
Worshipping, Sabine?

You have to find your own path

Vibes of fairy tales
What a place to sit and just chat a bit or contemplate

An architect's dream

An imaginary sea, but not so far away

A new dimension of age

Peace of mind

Royal Yoga Hotel

Teaching, describing

No words necessary

Thirsty and serious

Friday, September 23, 2011

I am back after short trip!

Three days away but now back and tonight there will be another spot coming out or for you tomorrow morning!!! Have a good weekend!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Time for a shorter trip....

Sorry, on my way to the hospital for emergency treatment = action by a doctor, but will soon be back! See you soon and I wave to all of you! Have a good day!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

From morning to night... Chapter 1, Summer

Ο Γιάννης Πιτσούλης! Κεφάλαιο 1 

Back to Yannis again. You have seen him before. I made a brief presentation of him. Promised to come back with two chapters about him. This is the first. The time when most non Greeks meet Yannis. I had made an appointment with him. But he did not know about it. I stopped him on is way to the kitchen, while I was sitting by a table with a sharpened pen. "I am sorry, Torsten, but I have to start right away, but I can give you 15 minutes". Thank you. I was prepared. I needed his daily work schedule. He had a coffee and told me how it was.
08.30 Wake up. 09.00 to the restaurant, Tropicana. Heat up the ovens for the day. Prepare breakfast for guests. Clean up and prepare for lunch to be served. Preparations for dinner. Leave taverna and go for swimming from 17.00-18.45. At 19.00 back to taverna again. First guests have already arrived. Work till 02.00 in the morning before all guests have left and kitchen fixed and taverna closed. From early May till closing time for the summer around Oct 15th. A little bit more "free" time before the hectic part of the tourist season starts and afterwards, but an approximate average of 15 hours of hard work, day in and day out during the peak period. 
Meet Γιάννης Pitsóόλης! Superman? No, but another hard working Greek and a great guy....  
Going through the work day with me.
...while having a cup of coffee
Part of the working environment

Had to put this in. We went to see some of the land that belongs to the family.
 "I hate him. He bites me. He does not do what I tell him to do"!
Yoga land on the family´s property. Sabine and Christos himself.

Water from the well and then back to work. Sorry, Yannis, that we stole your time!