Thursday, July 21, 2011


These are my first and cautious steps into a world of imprints, that solely are my own! My pictures will hopefully do the work. My words will be short additions! After well over 30 years on this island, so little recognized or even known by name by too many, it is simply not possible to avoid becoming a part of it. Every village visited, every candle lit for friends and foes in numerous chapels, tavernas with friendly faces and laughter greeting you, the silence on the terrace in the morning light, Sappho and Elytis always present, waves of silvery leaves of thousands upon thousands of magic olive trees. Just a few imprints to begin with...  


  1. I so wish that I was there and not here - even though I love here - I would rather be there and with you. Jude

  2. You know where I am. That´s a good start :-)