Friday, August 19, 2011

Human fates in Mini land...

 I walk the alley above the house every day, often several times, on my way deeper into the village. These are some of the people who are so close to each other, see each other practically every minute of  the day, they talk sometimes and they practically live together, day in and day out. I get this feeling of people in an absolute symbiosis and dependency!
There is the grocery man in his unbuttoned white shirt, the seamstress in green and her supporting husband, the lady widow smiling from the window just above me, the men without wives, the men in the taverna, seemingly waiting for the ouzo and mezé time... and it is all taking place within a distance of not more than fifty meters...they all greet me and I them, with smiles and the same questions that sound as if they have never been asked before... it is true all this, but hard to believe it still exists...


  1. T hanks, my pro, it is a strange world of polarities we live in!