Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Icons, for all purposes, from sacred to profane...

Which saint do you believe in? Whoever it might be, you will find an icon of him or her at the outdoor counter shop by The Monastery of Agios Rafael. The lens I used could take in about half of the "product range", but sacred they are...

Icons at Agios Rafael Monastery

Mermaid icons of a more profane character, in Skala Sikaminias

Icons of ouzo at taverna Alonia. Very profane! Iphone camera, sorry!

The unbelievable icon períptero/kiosk opposite O Gatos in Molivos.
Very few things you cannot find here and the lady inside, knows where each little thing is to be found.

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  1. The Matis ouzo at Taverna Alonia is certainly an icon for me!! Thanks for taking me back to this special island and it's people with your blog - will be back in June next year to be imprinted once again! :)