Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sundays, peaceful Sundays...

Sundays in my home country, whichever it is these days, I am not sure, but in the one where I was born, Sundays are mostly like any other day of the week. Not here. There is a different "mentality in the air", so to speak. This particular Sunday, I was out and up to the Stipsi area (Stipsi is a small town high up on a mountain ridge, and one of the major olive oil centres on the island) and walked down a mountain slope in the woods. All of a sudden, in a "no-mans-land", a mini church! Like in so many other places, there, they just pop up out of nowhere, small, peaceful, handmade, spiritual, far away from the maddening crowds and suitable for a Sunday contemplation! It looks like a chapel in a fairy tale and it is incredibly peaceful to visit... 


  1. Oooh, you have to take me there some day! Har ni varit i Mandamados? Du glömmer väl inte mina armband va lille duddi! Jag vill ha alla färger! Nej men jag vill ha mörkblått och om det finns vill jag ha mörkrött annars nåt annat du tycker är fint som man kan ha till allt. Du är bästa duddin. Inte bara för att du köper kyrkliga armband till mig!

  2. I'll take you there with pleasure. Så pretty! And exciting in the woods. That will be another blog and yes, will get the stuff from Mandamados!