Saturday, September 24, 2011


I went up with Yannis and Jesus himself one day, for a visit to the area where silence and nature melt into something not so simple to explain. I have been to so many different kinds of places on this magical island, and never stop getting astonished over all its varities. Pure wild nature land belonging to Yannis family. Here you can stay for yoga, meeting yourself, or just sitting beside or under this very, very old olive tree and just read and contemplate or do it all. Breathtaking and has to be experienced....   
Worshipping, Sabine?

You have to find your own path

Vibes of fairy tales
What a place to sit and just chat a bit or contemplate

An architect's dream

An imaginary sea, but not so far away

A new dimension of age

Peace of mind

Royal Yoga Hotel

Teaching, describing

No words necessary

Thirsty and serious

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