Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cleanliness is next to Godliness...

Two more of all these wonderful friends on the island! Always loveable and full of fun and a smile whenever you go into that hot sauna of their working site! Yannis and his wonderful delivery vehicles. He and Mersini and Angela and the son are running the shop. A small room and tight with machines of different kinds and humidity from steam!
09.00am-05.00pm and 07.00pm-11.30pm, which makes it more than 12 hours per day with these working conditions, Spring, Summer and Autumn, every day, except half the Sunday... who said Greeks do not work!!!
Private people in the village and surroundings, smaller hotels and pensions are their major clients! 
I am a very particular man when it comes to ironing shirts. I do not leave them to just anyone, but Mersini! You are my match!...       

The Rolls and with a kranos on! 
Angela! With a smile from that sauna! Thank you!
Short distance runner!

How many times did you open that tumbler door???

A smile from Kalamata!
Noone else will know what we talked about! But ain't she sweet?

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