Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How about todays and tomorrows...?

 I always say Good Morning to the morning when I wake up. Wherever I am. Never a boring day, really. Some seem better than others, yes, but there is always something that the day will bring. The artist Vangelis in Athina and his small statue, called "Looking into the future", reminds me and people I work with, never to stop thinking about the relation between today and tomorrow. Even if we know absolutely nothing about any tomorrow and not even of what they day will bring! I am thinking though and planning to oil my oak table again, wishing the streets to be filled with human sounds of voices and other everyday important matters. It is like another kind of party, just being alive, having your health with you and caring for those who have not and enjoy living. Nowhere does this become so obvious to me but here. On Lesvos....

It is in the Now where a possible tomorrow lies, still not seen.

Not yet dry. That will be for tomorrow.

A street for tomorrow's voices

Clothes to dry in a while. A house for another tomorrow. 

Some for tomorrow's Easter

Just waiting for doors to open to another day of work and breathing

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