Saturday, October 1, 2011

A part of my spiritual and culinary home...

Στο σπίτι μου... or at least an extension of it! I cannot count the thousands of times (no, no exaggeration!) I have been having meals and camaraderie here, Winter, Summer, Spring and Summer. With Lefteris, Antonis, Yolber and sweet Olimpía and Giorgos, the kind and generous parents of the "boys"! Never to forget Tara, best of friends and wife of Antonis! Somebody asked me once, "Have you got a sleeping bag in that place? Considering how often you are there, no meaning in going up the hill to the house to sleep"! There is something in it! Many years with Vangelis as the owner and now with Lefteris and Antonis, have I had so many terrific experiences, making med glad just to think about it! Ask Ioanna! She has been with me during the years and we both think that when it comes to Greek food of a taverna, Alonia has few competitors!
Καλή όρεξη and please go and visit Taverna Alonia, friendship, hospitality, super Greek food and great music in the summer months.
Another unforgettable imprint of Lesvos on my mind......

View from a Winter's day

Serious and warm hearted

Almost the colors of Olimpiakós on the plate and an unusually smiling friend of Antonis
You bring something extra into Alonia
Hola Jefe!!! Eres lo mejor!!!
Terrible IPhone photo quality but a solid patriot!!!
They really like each other

How I miss that sometimes!!!
Shy and shining super chef

No comments, just enjoying

Food for the workers

A sign to remember for us priviliged and for you who has not been here yet! 


  1. Missing Alonia and our best friends!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yes,many of the best friends are meeting there!