Saturday, October 15, 2011

Simplicity is the measurement....

...of how simple something is. This was the first that struck me, when I arrived in Lesvos, many years ago now. I find it every day from dawn to dusk. Wherever I go, it is just around the corner. 
It never stops amazing me..... 

The camera shutter disturbs the silence

Can it be more simple in it's simplicity?

The most simple of places, squeezed in between the road, five meters to the left, and the rock to the right.

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  1. My favorite chapel Agia Lemoni [Αγιά Λεμονή<Παναγιά Ελεημονούσα].Every time I stop to light a candle and "feel" the silence inside. The old time people they used to celebrate the name day of the chapel with a big fiesta [πανηγύρι]!