Sunday, November 27, 2011

Help to selfhelp...

She is incredibly kind to others, one of my dear neighbors. It is not that I meet them that often in a real sense, but they are, so to speak, a bit of comfort knowing they are there and they are my part of "my alley". The blond lady had been on fancy shopping, wherever you do that during this part of the year, but she might have come from Kalloni or Mytilini, who knows? And she carried a businessman's or busineswoman's briefcase behind the shopping bag.... It went very slowly, but steadily down the long stairs of the pedestrian. A normal, sunny day in a small alley in a fairly small and quiet village on Lesvos in late November. Thinking, "yes, we neeed to help each other more, even with the simplest thing and for some it is a natural thing to do...

Balancing for the next step

Stop to breathe for a while

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