Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nostalgia, a reminder of how fast our time is passing....

I never stop getting surprised over how many years I have been to the island, and Ioanna as well. I just found those two artistic drawings of someone who later became a photographer. It is a very strange mixture of feelings that I experience when I look at the Castro in Molivos, the pool at Hotel Delphinia or the Sunflowers just beside. It swings from laughter to a pounding heart. It also gives me the real meaning of what an imprint is to me..... 

The tanning bodies to the right, the feet to the left and the parasolls. The pool at Delphinia.

The Sunflowers by the Delphinia pool and that authentic drawing of the Castro that would have made even the Venetians a bit surprised. But it looks like a home with flower pots and smoke out of the chimney.

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