Monday, November 14, 2011

Vatousa's precious jewel...

I had seen this bus before, on my way to Sigri. When I started my coach hunting all over the island, I decided to take my motorbike and go there. It was a long ride back and forth for a bus! But worth it! I looked at the front and thought it was worth the trip. A beautiful Volvo bus ending up as a shelter for sheep, goats, chicken and dogs! This the third bus I that I found on the island and many wonder if I have had too much ouzo when I start talking about them. But they used to be carrying people around in style and somebody can now use it for other purposes! I smile each time I look at it....

What i face, like a shining lightning in silver and gold!! 

The tenants!

A goat with a necklace, fitting a beautiful limo!

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