Friday, December 9, 2011

Damn you boiler, you drive me close to insanity.....

I have never been fond of boilers. Actually, I hate boilers. Even Lesvian boilers. They are supposed to warm my house and keep me cosy. Not this boiler. It has hated me from the very first day. It teases me close to insanity. Then I met the famous Greek plumber, Stratos of Anaxos. (Thank you for the tip, TaxĂ­a). He will be in the Greek History books for his unchallenged taming of obnoxious boilers!!! With that extraordinary tool box of his, with screws, nuts and bolts from the middle of the last century, no boiler survives him. He sleeps with the wooden box, I assume. He is the Rocky of plumbers, beaten but never giving up. Thank you, dear Stratos for saving my sanity........

Stratos of Anaxos in the best of your days

Not very systemized

The exquisite design makes PRADA blush!

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