Friday, December 2, 2011

Euphoria and silent meetings....

I carried it with me the whole day, in some kind of pure euphoria. That absolute silence in the very morning above the village of Vafiós, a bit up the mountain slope. Normally, autumn leaves are dry and rattle in the wind. But there was no wind. I told my motorbike to keep as quiet as possible and when i stopped, the silence came over me. Not the slightest sound. Silence was aching in me. And then I saw something white behind the bushes along the road. And coming closer, a white and holy cow of considerable size was just standing there in the back light. Did not care about me. No contact, like with the mule that caught my attention, staring at me with more than a slight indignation. Then the rest of the morning......

What is that?

Holy cow!!!

OK, I'll leave right now!

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