Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Soon this will be changed...

I am missing Spring badly. I am totally fascinated by the skies and the sea in so many variations with incredible sensations of light, when Winter is upon us. But right Here and Now, I need the light of Spring and signs of new times to come...,


  1. On that last picture, it almost looks like snow on those hills in the distance...

  2. I believe it is snow, if not on this picture I know they have snow on the moutains now, hard to believe isnt it, when we associate Molyvos with such great sunshine and warmth .

  3. BY ALL MEANS, it is snow, over the Anaxos area and further on! Much more snow over the mountain slopes where Vafiós is located. /See my blogs on Vafiós, just recently/ My own imprints of the island is that Winter is a fantastic time for anyone to visit, and not just during the wamer periods of the year! It is just another face of an incredible island! :-)
    thanks for comments!