Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Before taking my foot off the brake pedal....

I have noticed and symbolically written down, that it is sometimes necessary for me to pull the brakes in my life and do a bit of a service maintenance check up. It can be very vulnerable, when things appear unexpectedly around the next and blind corner of the road, a situation I am very used to. When I am connecting, seeing the light in the end of the tunnel, it is with great relief. 
Before the the happy days of Spring and Summer approaching, visits to Taxiarchis, companionship at the taverna or just watching the village of villages at a distance, I had one long dialogue with myself. It is now over and done and I can enjoy the moments of sharing, very soon, just around the next corner and I can see the light already. 
If I cannot reach my hand out to myself, I cannot do it to others. 

Will see, not just at dusk like here.

A friend to visit soon, for a long talk.

I know it is there at any time.


My Summer Princess, always the gem of my eye, a few years ago...

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