Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tomorrow is almost today...

In parts of the world, Spring is still around the corner. I feel it convincingly myself! For others, waiting for the warmth of the Summer season is there as well. Observing cats, empty chairs at tavernas and our hopes for a coming future in our children, Fotis being a most wonderful sign of that. Fotis comes from VafiĆ³s, neighboring site to Molivos in Lesvos, and I have had the privilege of knowing him since he was born. 
I feel also waiting for me has an end, Very soon back to the island of islands!

It is my and Rolf's table to the left...Such a nice environment in the harbor.

Beautiful site. Taverna waiting for the locals.

Cat basking in the sun

If I feel low at any time, I just look into the eyes of Fotis.

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