Thursday, July 5, 2012

For those who hear, but do not listen...

Many are the varieties of the three monkeys who do not hear, see or speak. I have so many creative friends here and in other places in this land, who are trying to be innovative and create new businesses based on bright ideas. But no, they seldom reach their goals, because of a System, with capital S, that prevents them for getting an OK and move ahead. Instead, they are entangled with rules upon rules by bureaucrats who are doing a lot to maintain a system that I feel is choking my friends to death. I have met many sad and many angry eyes looking at me for a long time. 
I herewith dedicate those cotton buds to all those who hear what is said, but totally have forgotten how it is to listen. Clean and clear your ears, so that a dialogue may happen. If these 100 buds are not enough, I will contribute with more...


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