Friday, August 17, 2012

I get so sad, and angry as well...

It is a mystery this with Greeks and helmets. I rather carry it across my arm, so it really becomes a nuisance for me in the traffic, than putting it on my head. How difficult can it be??? 
"No, I am so used to go that way, but when I go to Mytilini, then I have it on...", or "no, it is such a short way...". Who knows when it will happen? And "ti na kanoume" is not a very valid statement. I get sad and slightly angry, because these are my friends and I like to keep my friends sound and healthy and shiny! And then it happened, for two close friends on a motor bike, overrating their driving skills, too small wheels...very painful. Now they bought helmets. 
I hope they will keep them on for more than a week. Every day, every time.
I will not even touch the subject about driving with two kids without any protection at all, plus the two parents. Then I will go totally crazy. 
There is no word for it.... 


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