Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A year in a lifetime...

I have let this island and it's people influence me for many years. Working and living here have an incredible impact on me. Approaching people, their incredible language and their culture in general, is an act of humility for me and will remain so. It is far from being sentimental and/or romantic. 
I am a foreigner and nothing wrong with that. A guest in another country. 
By now, 1 full year, 274 blogs covering many aspects of my own projections as imprints within me, approximately 1.450 photos, 30.127 page viewers from all corners of the world and a few words of contemplation that have come up in my mind while traveling, 
make me know that the party is over for now.

I have spent hours these last few days looking back in time over the past year and I am amazed by how much there is never to forget. It is still an emotional voyage. Meeting the sea and shores, spirits of the unknown, the old and the new, like life time experiences 
and a never ending stream of bubbles of soap... 
Getting curios already now, as to what might happen when looking around the corner... 

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