Monday, December 31, 2012

A cynical world in turmoil...

I am very angry on this last day of the year and the squabbling in Washington goes on. 
Politicians everywhere in the world are braking every code of what democracy is 
and all for power, greed and manipulation. The pope finds a convenient way of manifesting himself through announcing that a miracle has taken place, just a few days before Xmas. 
Muslims are killing other muslims and in Syria thousands are killed every week without the world outside doing anything but talking. 
I could fill out page after page in an endless stream of examples of atrocities being made 
day in and day out, in every corner of the world.
And then there is Fotis, Evi, Filippa, Dukas and Eleni and a long line of names of children who brighten up my day. Here, there and everywhere!
I might be a bit naive in this, but I really think that our children of any age, 
is what makes the difference. 
As long as I and others in the so called grown up world, 
do the best to avoid screwing them up with our own problems.

That will be my New Year's Resolution, to never stop listening to them and respond to their brave attempts to communicate with this rough world of ours. 
Pictures of children with the permission of parents. I did not ask the cats.

A candle for me and everyone.

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