Friday, December 7, 2012

Yippee for photographer Johanna and the island of Lesvos...

Time to salute a pro photographer and to congratulate the people and the island of Lesvos. 

Yesterday, Johanna Akerberg Kassel was rewarded a highly valued scholarship, in competition with well over 1000 applicants, by the board of The Swedish Author´s Fund, on behalf of The Ministry of Culture, for her photo book Μάτια Μου. 

The book was published in June and is, at least in the way I witness the work, a meditation over Greece and it´s people, with those of Molivos, Lesvos in particular. 
The best way to find a person's own reactions, could be to read the Prologue in Greek, English or Swedish, written by renowned Greek Swedish author Theódoros Kallifatides and then focus the book itself. 
I really do not feel that I have anything to add to that. It speaks for itself.

It is, of course, also a fantastic tribute to "the island of islands", Lesvos and an eye opener for both locals on the island, as well as for all those who have visited the island and all who still has that possibly incredible experience undone. 
With the photographer's permission.

The photographer's beginning. Out of the photo book.

The work.
Thoughtful on the island of Lesvos.
Prolog på svenska.

Πρόλογος στα Ελλενικά.

Prologue in English.

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