Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thank you, Παππούς! You would have loved it here...

It is your name day today! And so it is mine and 
I feel really good about that. Very proud, really! 
We have no trains on this island,  not of any kind,
but I remember how you were going with me down to the railroad station when I was a kid, 
so that I could look at all trains coming and leaving. 
I remember them in all shapes and sizes and that is where my traveling life once started.

You were that kind of gentleman, wearing starch collar and well-polished boots
that were squeaking while you walked. It was very comforting. You did not talk much, 
but I heard you anyway and I am thinking of you right now,
when walking in the village in the rain. I am sure you would have liked that
and I think we could have shared a boutiraki ouzo together over at Meri's in the ágora... 


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