Thursday, January 24, 2013

Winter power walk...

The island is full of opportunities.
18C in the shade. Spring in the middle of Winter. 
Long stretches of the sandy beach.
Water running to the sea. 
A breather at Ágios Ignátios. 
A message of Spring.

Soft to the feet.

Not so kind yet.

Peaceful room for a break.

Summer fit for Winter use.


  1. The great refreshing post!!!
    Spring is in the air!
    with minus 12 outside, it's still hard to resist taking out my shorts from the suitcase, still unpacked after my last October trip to Lesvos! Euxaristo para poly!

    1. Thanks so much and do get back soon :-)

  2. Wish I was there...
    Patience, for about 7 months...

  3. Life is a stream of natural changes.
    Don't fight them, it only causes pain.
    Let reality be reality.