Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The very opposites, but all the same...

I have never been particularly religious as such. 
But always deeply fascinated by the creative language of all of us who are believers in something. 
The deep impressions of creating hands and minds, never mind the background. 
With totally different expressions of harmony and piety 
from opposite parts of the world.
 It is all emotional with  deep simplicity, with different faces but same goal. 
I prefer what is uniting me with others, rather than what is splitting us up...

Parts of the interior of The Temple Church.

Kampen Chapel made of wood.

Agios Ignatios in Molivos, Lesvos.

Agios Giorgos, Molivos.
The outside cross of Otaniemi church.
The Kampen Chapel in Helsinki

The altar of Agios Giorgos.

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