Tuesday, March 19, 2013

One day in wolf and Winter land...

Spring has come to the island of islands.
 Here, in the province of Varmland, it is still a deep Winter's day.
Nature on the hold button, but soon exploding in green.
It's dramatic and quiet beauty speaks another language.
I am listening only, not to disturb.
Visiting friends, far away from the island,
but so close at heart...

The ice covered lake.

Silhouettes and a faint sun.

Soon no chance to see the lake through trunks of trees.

The neighbor's house.

Friends on a 15 kilometers trip on the frozen lake. 

Fantastic balance for first time rider, in safe hands with teacher Anna-Carin.

Such tranquility on a walk this day.

Waiting for Spring.

Friends serve dinner Summer time here, with splashing water under their feet.

Also time for a pro hockey game today.

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