Tuesday, April 23, 2013

There is a risk not to see what I see...

To me, photography is not about showing reality. It is useless.
Reality can never be copied.
I more try to find out what familiar sights can wake up in me. I try to stay in it.
Faces of people, street corners, roofs and tiles, patterns made by humans...
Never to let even the most common habit become a hidden truth. 
Even if I look at scenes so familiar, always being there,
that finally I run the risk of not seeing what I am looking at.
The island and the sea is a constant. Always interrelated.
And so are the thousand varieties of light that carry colors.
Familiar scenes of the sea at the village of Eftalou, 
that I have seen a thousand times, never stop amazing me.
Right now it is a drama just between Spring and Summer time.

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