Saturday, May 25, 2013

A surprise intervention...

I always just land and I am being met at the airport by a friend, in all silence and modesty.
Some people are met with pomp and circumstance! Like this group from a first time to the island Danish operator, Aarhus Charter. Outside of some coffee and ouzo, police escort and dancers, the large group was met by the local organizer of Alonia Holidays and the Lord Mayor of the island, with a red rose behind his left ear. It was just outside of the village of Lambo Mili, where the coaches were stopped and people were asked to leave the buses.  It came as a big surprise. I could not avoid being there. 
First time ever, a Greek police car with foreign flags.

Open doors to car radio, the Greek version of stereo.

Casual guys.

Lots of confusion.

Eye contact.

A speech, the Greek, modest way.

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