Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Swedish armada killing ignorance...

Change requires risk-taking. Nothing happens in an environment where everyone think and act the same. Speaking up is a virtue. I do not worry very much when I say that I come from a country where risk-taking is not a habit. Generalizations or not. Self sufficiency is easier to lean against. Always claiming you know better. And of course, we know better than any other country how Europe as a unit should be managed. It is easier to sit on the fence watching others take risks, like a  Finnish politician once I said in anger to s Swedish colleague. But, I am also happy that I have many friends at home who agree with me about these issues. So, there is hope...
Swedish charter operators do not take risks, when neighbor countries do. They sell the seats on the plane already sold, without any effort. Introducing something new seems to be out of the question and old arguments, like we have tried, is only being met by, you did not try in a very clever way!
This kind of primitive thinking, is a bit of being greedy, and justifying an incredible ignorance in marketing, sales and customer orientation. But even the most ignorant can enlighten his views!

Smiles in the alley!
So, if Muhammad does not come to the mountain, the mountain has to come to Muhammed! I was fortunate the other night, to meet a whole armada of Swedes, all family, from young to less young, open minded people, who had travelled a long way to catch a plane from Copenhagen and who had rented three cars and for two weeks covered major parts of the island, out of curiosity for the unknown, eating all kinds of Greek food, learning about traditions and an amazing culture and of course, being met by the hospitality here from Greeks. Every minute seemed to have been used to discover the island of islands. Making it most likely that Lesvos will see them again!
Thanks, folks, for waking up my adrenalin today!
Pure joy!

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