Friday, June 7, 2013

Forever protected...

700 years of close watch, the Venetian way.
I look up this beloved castro every day and night.
It is like always wearing a cap on my head.
Living with it constantly, means easy to forget how it is inside looking out.
Angles of dramas, too often forgotten.

Nothing less but breathtaking.

Mushrooms below.

Soldiers in a row.

Olympic Stadium environment.

By land and by sea.

Fortress within the fortress.


  1. We visited the Kastro first in 1986 with two hot and tired children .They loved the shady entrance tunnel and we all enjoyed scrambling around the walls . The views to Turkey, to Eftalou , and over Mythymna are magnificent

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  3. They should be grown up by now!! Hope they still remember. Thanks for your comment!