Wednesday, January 6, 2016

While many refugee workers...

..... prefer to act as if they were heroes,
 standing in the water up to the waist,
helping refugees ashore,
(because it sure looks better on photos),
they leave the waste to the locals,
and one can ask who authorised the dumping,
and when thinking was abandoned...


  1. Such telling pictures. We had been wondering what happens t all the waste, the boats, the lifejackets (for what they are worth since they are being sold faulty jackets) and goodness knows what else. Such a nightmare. Judith

  2. The boats have mostly been cleaned up from the beaches -- and you might give the people of Lesvos some credit for dealing with moving literally thousands of boats off their beaches -- which they did with the help of those volunteers who are the undeserving subjects of your sarcasm.

  3. Hello Anonymous, whoever that stands for. Please read the text and perhaps you will be less judgmental