Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I seldom lock the door to the house...

This is not the door to the house where I am. It belongs to a friend of a friend, but she always keep it like this at night. It feels like this is how I want to start my day, with an open door to myself and to whatever might happen! if I lock it, not much will happen! It is easier here on the island than in most other places...


  1. Reality !
    Even when we where children our parents left doors and windows open in summer , only a bit has change this. We also sleep with not lock our door even the years are not the same and the people also.
    This photo reminds me why we-and our children- are lucky to leave on this island.

  2. And why I feel priviliged to be able to work here and share a big part of my life with you!