Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Real stuff, an eternity to Nescafé...

Papagálos coffea in their own cups, that are collectors items, made on an El Greco burner... is more Greek than most other things I think of. I can just imagine how much coffee people drink in kafeníons in the morning before going to work, especially the older gentlemen, as well as in homes. Greeks do not eat breakfast in general, but at my local Taverna down the road, The Alonia, my old friend Vangelis, the former ownr of the taverna, once invented a small breakfast, consisting of one cup of Greek coffea and 2 cigarettes... It was important for him to really offer proper services to everyone...


  1. Jens: Great story :-) But not the most healthy breakfast - and breakfast is the most important meal of the day ;-)

  2. I once frequented a restaurant that served 4 breakfast menus:
    American breakfast, Continental breakfast, Thai breakfast and Danish breakfast... The Danish consisted of a coffee and 2 cigarettes.