Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Timolís, my Catcher in the Rye...

What would I and so many others around here do, if you were not present for so many hours, day in and day out and during all the seasons of the year?
I know you cannot sell me a Porsche, or lend me your Harley D, the gem of your eye, but more or less anything else that is necessary for the every-day life! You even write my name on the milk packs that you deliver every Tuesday and Friday. And thanks to your father, I get the best eggs there are and thanks to your friend the baker, I get the bread I want every day and thanks to all the farmers you know, I get the best feta there is and tomatoes that taste like fruit! And you do it all with a genuine smile and always with a joke and some small talk every time we meet! Another dimension to the simple things in life...

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