Thursday, July 28, 2011

Spirituality, affirmingly...

Coming from a secular world like Sweden, it was a very spectacular experience to meet people on this island, where spirituality is something that is a natural part of life. It does not mean you have to be an active Christian in a strict sense. "You believe in what you believe in and it is not so complicated", is a common expression I often heard and hear. One of the most beloved "figures" on "my" island is the Arch Angel Michael, or "Taxiarxis Mixalis" and his Monastery Church in the village of Mandamados. I went there several times with friends, like taking a normal break and I have continued to do so. For peace and tranquility of mind. I even made a real pilgrimage walk once, before I had to make a very serious decision in my life. It was not long ago. I walked about 30 kms, through dry land, forests and valleys and normal roads and visited the holy place and icon of Taxiarxis. It was a good experience, full of energies! Afterwards, I had the traditional frappĂ© coffea and loukoumades, a tempting sweet dipped in honey and ice cold water on the side. Google on Mandamados, to find out more. It is worth it! Take my word for it! 

I was not allowed to take any photos in the church, but did so anyway and had to hide the camera so the angle of the picture looks a bit weird! I apologize, Taxiarxis!


  1. Mmmm..just what I would like right now! Ylva

  2. wouowwww!What can i say, about Mandamados and taxiarchis. My God and my brother!