Sunday, July 24, 2011

Never too old for dancing...

He sits in the same place at Taverna Alonia alone, every day and every night, especially Wednesdays and Saturdays, when there is live Greek music. He waits for his time to come. 

He shouts to the musicians that  the text in a song he wants them to play for him, about having to pay for your committed sins, does not apply to him, "because I have never committed one, so i do not pay!" and the musicians play his zeibekiko song, always the same song, at the same time and with willingness The night is his on the entrance floor, dancing for a couple of minutes with stumbling moves, slowly and convincingly. Later on he walks out into the dark. No "good nights". Just gone. But back tomorrow.


  1. Never too old to dance, to drink ,to laugh, to enjoy life. For sure we now that even better as children of Dionysous , aristofanes and so many other important "guys".

  2. Akrivós, my anonymous friend!

  3. This brings back many nice times for me, spent with My Old Friend in Our Special Molyvos x Enjoying you're work, very Inspiring x Hugs Emma