Sunday, July 24, 2011

Quiet Sundays and peace of mind...

The day of no shopping-sprees! I watch the the time a few times, to reassure myself that silence everywhere, does not mean it is in the middle of a very early morning. It's about 9. I open the terrace doors, I let the light in, I greet the sea and the mountains, I log in on the Mac, (there might be somebody who wants me for something, even on a Sunday, you never know...), then coffea, the squeaking chair, taking a deap breath. Just vanish into this incredible silence, while watching the speedy swallows in the air, in their morning acrobatic show! The silence reminds me of quiet Sundays when I was a kid. Very little was said. It felt kind of odd. Unnatural silence. Just the sounds of my father's slurping, when he had his porridge. - Here, the silence is like a friendly handshake. To a sometimes worried mind!     

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  1. Reading this, I realize how I long for the silence of early dawn or even the silence in the moments just before thunderstorms... And feeling a bit odd when realizing that I connect silence with places on the other side of the globe... There just isn't any silence where I live.