Monday, August 29, 2011

Early Monday morning walk...

It would be an exaggeration to say that morning walks before the locals are up, is one of my regular habits...but I like the silence in the morning, before the fishmonger starts up his loud sales technique, or the fruit and vegetable man and his old Toyota mini truck. Recordings hollering their messages through loudspeakers on the top of the truck! All taking place just outside the house.... I never need an alarm clock. This Monday morning I was up early, with an open terrace door, letting the first morning sun sneak in, to light up my first breakfast (usually a second one down the harbor by the sea). Then the walk, as described below, ending up at Timolis and his fresh bread counter and the day moves on..."Kalimera", and a smile to and from everyone you meet....

Light starter of the day by the open terrace doors

Necessities for a Greek. Not available yet!

She did not wake up when I passed her

Finally someone to talk to. Now the sun has really woken up.
Quiet road, soon busy, on my way to the harbor 

Fresh bread in the morning at Timolis, from the bakery in neighboring Petra


  1. Καλημερα, the early bird gets some nice shots, again...

  2. Kalimera Ola! I love that cat´s way of staring!!!

  3. I moss the fresh baked bread in the morning,lovely photographs =]