Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another peaceful Sunday, but....?

It all looked like a peaceful Sunday, at least on the way to Mandamados. I came into the church and understood already when I was outside, that something was going on inside...báπτισμα! A christening would take place! The church was literally packed with people. Partydressed ladies with high heels and short skirts and sunglasses! I just waited for the music to start! A Greek christening is nothing but a leap of joy, lots of noise, hugs and greetings, a lot of talking and cameras flashing (even if it is not permitted in this church, but rules are there to be broken)! The Lesvians are good at this, even in a very holy church! A baptism is also to welcome the baby to "God´s house of joy"! They certainly live up to it! Look at the bucket! No drops of water here! A dip in the pool... In the middle of it all, a table full of gift packages and bags and things to use at the start of the every day life...Have a happy trip, baby... 

Photo taken with my real camera, in the harsh light of the day!

Photos in church with a not so good camera. No permission to shoot in here. 

For a boy or a girl? Not that difficult to guess...or? All in pink, very girlish,
but how about the gift bag from "boy fashion"?

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