Saturday, August 27, 2011

And there was light...

You have to be there on the shutter all the time...the light changes by the minute, and, I am sorry to say, much better seen on the original pictures. The transfer to the blog itself, does make the pictures a bit more hazy or "dull"! OK, it will have to do this way! 
Nowhere have I been, where the "orange red" color shifts like in Lesvos. I drove around last night, rather fast I must confess, to a few spots, to catch the colors at different times! And now when writing this, the light is gone. But only for a few hours. Soon it will return again. To another bright day. For you, for me, for everyone... 
PetrĂ­, from Mixalis restaurant, high above

Same place. 20 minutes later

The only time my Iphone "camera" has been in a good mood. It is exactly how it was. Molyvos from the harbor.

The sun has set, but the colors remain for a while. Fantastic views for those at restaurant Gatos, far right
and Sansibal on street level!

Favorite swimming time for some! The public beach in Molivos with the chimney of Olive Press.
 In a while it will be dark

It is more or less exactly 7 minutes between each of the last two photos. I timed it.
Same aperture, same time!
Views from a bench. Between Molivos and the road to Eftalou.

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  1. Nice shots, like the contrasts between light and dark...