Friday, August 26, 2011

Other kinds of "piety"...

I usually call Taverna Alonia in Molivos, "Το σπίτι μου",  meaning "my home". Someone asked me once if I had a sleeping bag there, since I spend so much time with the owners Antonis and Lefteris,  including the Winter time, when many of the friends from the village come for ouzo, beer and winedrinking, watching a basket ball game or a football match and that can become rather noisy but fun, to say the least!. I have learnt during the years, that Greeks talk louder than in any other country I have visited. Probably because they all speak at the very same time! 
Before A and L took over the taverna, I spent many years at Alonia with Vangelis, when he owned it! 

Lesvos is the best island for Greek food that I have ever experienced, and I have visited many islands! 
(I can hear all protests around me, but come here and challenge me!) 
Wednesdays and Saturdays are "holy" nights in the Summer time. Well played and sung Greek music under the clear skies of the Summer nights and our friends from Θεσσαλονίκη are both excellent musicians and singers as well as great people. 

Greek music is deep inside of me, from Tsitsanis to Sfakianakis and these guys reach out to many who have little or no knowledge! 
And the food! Mother Olimpía makes a lot of the pre courses and I have never been disappointed there! OK, often the red wine is too warm, but we all survive. Whatever! Eating and drinking there is a great treat and service is good. Why would I otherwise call it "Το σπίτι μου"...?
Prep talk

Always starting instrumentally

The waiter Lefteris likes to be seen


Do no try them...

He has a marvellous voice

Still very popular dish!

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