Thursday, August 25, 2011

Piety and simple beauty, in a bloody bewildered world...

I could show churches and chapels and monasteries in every spot on this blog. I won't. 
I would not do it because of any special deep, traditional christian faith, because I haven't really got one, but calmness and piety and spirituality are different "things". It makes me feel good. 
To me, Lesvos represents a vivid "piety" in itself! 
A well kept secret, obviously also for ignorant politicians!
I will try to  explain what I mean. 
On the North East coast, just south of Taxiarchi's Mandamados, 
close to the village of Aspropotamos,
my pathfinding friend Rolf told me there was something we had to see. 
We were on our way to visit the sacred Monastery of Agios Rafael.
We stopped by a gate to an olive growth, opened it and walked in among all the silvery trees. 
 I suddenly stopped, like walking into a wall. 
Churches are usually placed in big squares or other prominent places 
and here we appproached a church that was and is located in an ordinary olive growth! 
Agios Stéfanos, one of the oldest Byzantine churches on the island.
And to me, one of the most beautiful churches or buildings that I have ever seen. 
The utmost of simplicity and miles away from gold and glory!!!
I have googled and read books to find more facts about it, but have so far not found anything, 
so let the pictures talk instead and get over here and experience it yourself. 
Meanwhile, I hope my reactions will stay with you too...

The church of Agios Stéfanos

Agios Stéfanos himself


More simplicity

A quiet bell


  1. Wouaw my friend, wouaouw.Really simple and beautiful. Tx

  2. Simply exquisite =]

  3. Thank you all for wonderful words that are encouraging!!!