Sunday, August 21, 2011

Not at all just feta, oil and ouzo...

This is an island with many artists. 
Ceramics, paintings, wood work, jewellery and glas, among other things! 
I have big problems in finding empty window frames or tables or cupboards 
to put all those things that I buy when I find what I want. 
The ceramics artist Mixalis, has the theme of Water and Earth. 
He lives in this village and has his work place in the very shop, 
where he and his wife also sell his works. 
Some come from Mytilini, the principal town on Lesvos. 
Decorations from the varied nature of the island and the sea are reflected in the work 
and as usual in strong colors
 that seems to be a trade mark, not just for this island, 
but for Greece in general... Enjoy and have a good Sunday...

Mixalis' work makes me smile with joy!

Thálassa! Havet!

Beautiful inauguration gift from a very close friend. Made in Molivos.

From an artist in Mytilini, the favorite of many of my visitors. 

How about coffea in the morning in this, with the pomegranate that Lesvians like so much? 

Mixalis makes the youghurt taste even better!

My very own, not to be touched by others :-)

Thanks Mixalis, for bringing colors to life!

I have a very weak spot for this one...

and the same, but from another angle.


  1. Such nice topic! Your lovely ceramics,- and the one of your own:-)//s