Monday, August 22, 2011

To limani, the harbor, food, friendliness and peace...

Το λιμάνι, in Greek it means the harbor. You will find them everywhere. I love this one more than any other I have visited and they are many! The sun has just set, a bit of orange color left on the skies and in a few minutes it will be dark. Time for food and chats and relaxation! 
Tzanettos is the owner of the Octopus and Fotis is his long time head waiter. 
They are both excellent symbols for Lesvian hospitality and natural friendliness
 and so are the other waiters and the busy people in the kitchen! 
I often wonder where they get their kindness and their patience from, 
after 4 months of serving people with different demands and requirements,
and my lines are NO special treat for them. They are just the way they are, genuine people.
That is why I go there, and friends with me... 

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  1. I to love this restaurant ,good food ,good wine and always a warm smile x