Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Real meetings make the world go round...

Kostas is an old friend. Very much from Lesvos.
He knew my 25 year old daughter when she was 4 and we stayed at Delfinia, 
a well known hotel on Lesvos and in Molivos. 
He comes from a pretty village high above the sea, called Fília, 
on a side road from the main western coastal stretch , leading to Sigri, 
the most Western point of the island, before the open seas take over, with the next stop being Pireaus! Kostas left for Athens, like some others do on the island, if they come from smaller villages,
finding future life a bit too "narrow". He set up a business in Athens. 
He found his love in a lady from from far away! A gracious woman from China! 
Now married and the result is obvious. He visits his island of Lesvos during times of vacation 
and we had a wonderful, but too short of a get-together.
What could be a better highlight for her, than to meet Hong, whom you have met before in this blog, 
the wife of my close friend Vangelis? What a joy for them both to meet
 and speak their own language! I quickly realized, that I did not have to be a rocket scientist,
to understand that Chinese is not going to be my next language, 
but their joy together made my day! 
In Lesvos, everything is possible...

Chinese coalition!

Kostas and son, no lack of pride

Kosta's sweetheart

Looking at the world outside...

I read what I read, I see what I see...

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  1. love this today Torstenaki
    What a joy for Joys too.