Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Waiting for the open seas...

From small to medium to large, they come in all shapes and sizes, the fishing boats of Lesvos and here in the Molivos harbor, το λιμάνι in Greek. I often sit down at my favorite café in the daytime, just watching the fishermen constantly working on repairing the nets after a night at sea. It is very peaceful and they are surprisingly quiet while working. It feels like a rest before the next visit to the open seas around, which can be a rough experience, because here the winds can be nasty!
 "My" island is famous for many things and the quality of the fish caught here, is but one of it's virtues! Don't bother to bring any Omega 3 pills from home! Fish is a must every day for most of the people here and so it has become for me as well...  
Peace of mind...

Big boy Panagiotis!

You can see their big lamps at night at sea, beaming like fireflies...
Silence at work


  1. rudder and clear water is love

  2. De där glajjorna.. De ligger risigt till när du kommer hem kan jag varna för redan nu. De ska jag sätta klorna i ska du se.

  3. Haha, but did you get forget your English?