Friday, September 9, 2011

A bit of Melancholy...

Time for a break for two months. Work is waiting in other places but here! But I will be back home for the Winter. Mind you, I will not be away from the blog, even if not present each and every day, like I have been for the last seven weeks. So do not leave! I will pop at surprising moments! It is hard to leave this island you call your home, even for a fairly short time. Meanwhile, for you who will stay here for a shorter or longer time, do enjoy the tranquility of the Autumn Sea, a peek into Agia Lemoni or stay at my coffea table at Aigeon in the harbor of Molyvos! The coffea will be there when I return and I like it cooled! Drop me a line if anything on your mind. At any time...
Feeling like drinking it

I just love this colour! Simple tranquility!
I'll be back in a while, so just let the coffe be there!


  1. I will miss your blog every day =[,don't stay away to long =]

  2. Wonderful words to hear! No, I will not! About two months from the island but in a few days on the blog!